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Are you planning to propose to your significant other but need proposal tips?! I am here to help you! As a couples and wedding photographer, I am constantly asked these questions!

I can only imagine how stressful and exhilarating planning the proposal to your significant other can be! Below are my 5 biggest types for my clients who hire me to photograph their proposal, and hopefully it will give others some peace of mind too!

Here are my 5 proposal tips!

1.  Decide which type of proposal you’d like to have

I like to split proposal into 2 categories: solo proposals and group proposals. I define solo proposals as to when the couple are alone and the photographer and friends/family are in hiding until after the proposal. Group proposals are staged photo shoots typically where photos are being taken and only the proposal part is a planned secret( think family photos that turns into a proposal or a staged free photo shoot giveaway where we make sure your partner wins 🙂 ). 

2. Plan out your exact proposal spot and practice!

I always suggest picking out a location that is already meaningful to you, or choosing a location that is gorgeous and will become special to you all! After agreeing on an exact spot with clients, when possible I recommend visiting the spot prior to the proposal to ease your nerves and practice where you’ll stand when you drop down on one knee. I usually also visit the location prior to send you recommended spots to pop the question with photo visuals. 
Some spots that are local to the Orange County or Bay Area that are also great proposal locations are
Sunset Cliffs
LA Arboretum
Salt Creek Beach

3. Share your location with your photographer/friends

 When possible, it makes it so much easier if you share your location with your photographer and friends/family so they can track your ETA to the chosen location. 
This also helps you not having to be texting people and giving directions during such an intimate moment.

4. Hug your S/O right before proposing

The best tip to help your photographer out giving us a visual que and also give yourself a minute to collect yourself is to hug your significant other right before dropping down on one knee! Also a big hug is the easiest and most discreet way to re position the person for photos if needed. 

5. Make post-proposal plans

Having plans for dinner or a surprise party is so sweet and thoughtful. Right after the proposal, I’ll give you all time to enjoy the moment and then eventually introduce myself before taking some poses portraits. I do my best to keep the posed portrait time short and sweet to prevent overwhelming you two so you can still have all the time to soak in this special moment together.

I hope you found these proposal tips helpful, and I am so excited for you!!

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Alaina Elizabeth Photography is a couples, wedding and elopement photographer based in Southern California, but serving couples world wide!
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Client Praise

-Maryanne, February 2022 Bride

 On top of how perfect her photography is, working with her is an absolute joy! She is so kind and funny and made us feel so comfortable.

"Alaina showcased our love authentically"

-Veronica, August 2022 bride

She is an expert at making you and your significant other laugh, is incredibly detail-oriented and organized, and truly cares about capturing your wedding day perfectly.

"Alaina truly cares."

- Tracie, October 2021 bride

Alaina is spunky and fun and full of great ideas. She made my fiance and I feel so comfortable during our time together. We loved all the candid photos she caught of us!

"Alaina had us laughing the whole time"

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