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Not sure which wedding photography package to pick? That’s ok! I’m here to help talk you through my photography offerings. 

We’ll chat about length of photography coverage, 1 vs. 2 photographers, and package add-ons to make the decision easier!

Fullerton Arboretum Wedding

How many hours of wedding photography coverage do I need?

Typically, most couples book their wedding photographer early in the wedding planning process, so you most likely do not have a solid timeline for the day. That is ok and totally normal!  By looking at the general plans you’ve made for your wedding, and what parts of the day you’d like photographed, you can make an educated decision on a how many photography hours you will need. 

To help you envision your day, I am going to talk through the typical parts of a wedding day and the average length of these events last/how long they take to be photographed. 

Wedding Details (Invitations, rings, dress, florals, etc.): 1 hour

Getting Ready: 1 hour

First Look & couples portraits: 30 min-1hour

Wedding party photos: 30 min

Family Photos: 15-30 min

Ceremony & Reception space shots: 30 min 

Ceremony: 30 min

Cocktail hour: 1 hour

Extended family photos: 15-30 min

Reception (grand entrance, first dance, parent dances, bouquet/garter toss, cake cutting): 4+ hours

Sunset portraits: 15-30 min

Grand Exit: 10 min

*Every wedding day is different so do not feel like you must do all the typical wedding events! You can do all, or you can do none: the choice is yours!

Keeping these scheduled events in mind, it becomes easier to piece together how long you will want your photography team to be at your wedding day! Don’t forget to factor in travel time as well if the getting ready space, ceremony, or reception are in different locations!

Richard Nixon Library Wedding

Let’s talk through the three options I offer for length of coverage:

6 Hour Package

A 6-hour photography coverage is best for smaller weddings and shorter wedding days. 6 hours also works well if you do not want wedding detail or getting ready photos. If you are doing a reception only wedding, 6 hours will also work well to capture all the festivities without wasting any time. 

For a 6-hour package, I will typically meet the couple at the venue or pre-determined first look/portrait spot. From there, I will be with them through the ceremony and some of the reception. 6 hours might not be enough time to cover all the scheduled events, but with diligent planning it can cover all the events that are most important for you to have photographed!

8 Hour Package

8 hours is my most popular package as it can effectively cover your whole wedding day and gives me time to capture a piece of every part of the day, from finishing up your makeup through dancing! 

I’ll start the day with styled shots of your precious wedding details, pop in as your finishing getting ready, and be there for all the portraits before, during, and after the ceremony! With 8 hours, all your scheduled events during the reception will naturally occur before our end time together, and there should be just enough time for 30 min-1 hour of dancing photos at the end before we depart!

9 Hour Package

My 9-hour wedding package is my most comprehensive offering: if you want me there from getting ready through the last song, this is the option for you! 9 hours is the best fit for wedding days that are spread across multiple locations too. Weddings with a church ceremony earlier in the day, or a planned gap between the ceremony and reception will need more hours as well. If you plan on getting ready in one location, then want to travel to another venue for the ceremony and/or reception, travel time must be factored in within your package, requiring that you have more coverage hours so that we can be present for all the scheduled events. Want a true grand exit or photos of the last song too? Then you’ll want us there till the end of the night!

Newland Barn Wedding

Do I need 1 or 2 photographers?

Whether you choose to have 1 or 2 photographers is preference, but the decision also depends on the timeline of your wedding day.  The main benefits of having 2 photographers is that we can be in multiple places at once, and you will therefore get more images in your final gallery. As we all know, technology isn’t fool proof either. In the rare case that one of our cameras were to malfunction, having 2 photographers acts as another layer of insurance that all your moments are captured and secure. 

 Let’s say the wedding party is getting ready in two different places. Crisis averted! One of us can be dedicated to photographing one group, and the other photographer can stick with the other. Having 2 photographers is also beneficial during the first look and ceremony, so both of your reactions can be simultaneously captured. For example, when you are walking down the aisle, one of us can be up front to photograph everyone’s faces as they walk down the aisle and your reactions, and the second photographer can be at the back of the ceremony getting your soon to be spouse’s reaction to seeing you.  If you choose not to do a first look and we have a lot of photos on the schedule after the ceremony, the second photographer can instead walk around cocktail hour and get candid photos of guests while I stay with the couple, wedding party, and family for this crucial portrait time. 

Rancho Las Lomas Wedding

What kind of add-ons do I need? 

I offer a couple of add-ons, including extra photographer hours, extra second photographer hours, and an expedited gallery option.

 Extra add on hours are a great option to perfectly tailor my 3 main package options to fit your wedding photography needs. Want an extra hour so that I don’t miss any of the fun, or want to add on a second photographer? No problem! While my current packages are based off what has worked best for my past couples, no wedding is alike and each requires different needs! This is why in addition to our consultation call, I also have you complete a questionnaire and hop on another call about a month prior to your wedding date. 

In my contract, I guarantee you full final gallery within 4-8 weeks of your wedding date. I also do my best to give you a sneak preview gallery within a week of your wedding. If you would like to skip the queue though, my expedited gallery option is the way to go! Get all your wedding photos in 1 week so there is no wait to relive your special day!

Ontario Wedding

Hopefully walking through the different aspects of a wedding package has brought you some peace of mind.  If you are still unsure, no worries! On our consultation call, I will walk through your wedding specifics and help guide you to the package that is right for you.

Chat soon!


Client Praise

-Maryanne, February 2022 Bride

 On top of how perfect her photography is, working with her is an absolute joy! She is so kind and funny and made us feel so comfortable.

"Alaina showcased our love authentically"

-Veronica, August 2022 bride

She is an expert at making you and your significant other laugh, is incredibly detail-oriented and organized, and truly cares about capturing your wedding day perfectly.

"Alaina truly cares."

- Tracie, October 2021 bride

Alaina is spunky and fun and full of great ideas. She made my fiance and I feel so comfortable during our time together. We loved all the candid photos she caught of us!

"Alaina had us laughing the whole time"

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