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Let’s be clear: Santa Barbara isn’t exactly a well-kept secret. This amazing location has been famous for decades, and rightfully so! However, after experiencing Santa Barbara from behind the lens of an elopement, I’ve become increasingly convinced that SB is the perfect elopement destination.

  1. Conveniently located courthouse

Many Southern Californians know how classy and picturesque downtown Santa Barbara is, but I recently learned just how perfectly placed the courthouse is in the scheme of the city! This setting makes elopement simple: you can get married to your partner and then go celebrate at any number of the amazing restaurants along State Street.

2. The courthouse itself is gorgeous

Not only is the courthouse centrally-located in the city, it’s a perfectly gorgeous place to get married. While some are of the viewpoint that you lose beauty and glamour by eloping, the Santa Barbara courthouse disputes that belief! The building is romantic, elegant, and memorable. It’s the perfect space to say “I do”!

3. Santa Barbara is the perfect romantic getaway

Santa Barbara’s downtown looks like a Mediterranean vacation spot thanks to its Spanish colonial architecture! This gives eloping visitors the chance to soak in a relaxed European feel without ever enduring an 8+ hour flight. Once you and your partner share your nuptials, you can just enjoy the wonderful city of SB!

Choosing to elope in Santa Barbara removes a lot of the wedding planning stress from your special day — you get to enjoy a beautiful city without worrying about parking, driving, restaurants, and more! I absolutely loved getting the chance to capture Kelly and Sneh’s special elopement, and I am eager to visit Santa Barbara’s picture-perfect courthouse again! Any takers?

Cheers, Alaina

Client Praise

-Jacqueline, may 2021

 "I walked away from my session wanting to put her in my pocket to boost my self esteem all day long because she just made me feel like the most beautiful person in the room.

"Working with Alaina was effortless"

-Brooke, July 2021

"The second I met her, I felt like I had known her forever, which made it a million times easier to just be ourselves in front of the camera.

"Her personality made it for me."

- Tracie, October 2021 bride

Alaina is spunky and fun and full of great ideas. She made my fiance and I feel so comfortable during our engagement session. We loved all the candid photos she caught of us

"She had us laughing the whole time"

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