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I'm a Dog Loving, Step Counting, Travel-Crazy Accountant With A Passion For Photography!

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When I learned that Amy and Trever’s wedding venue was on a yacht, I’ll be honest: I was a little intimidated by the potential photography challenges I could encounter by being on a boat! But once everyone adjust to the unique situation of a yacht wedding, we all had so much fun enjoying the charming, beautiful space onboard.

Amy and Trever have been together for seven years after meeting at work. They have built a life in San Bernardino, but always love visiting Newport Beach, so they knew they wanted to get married in their favorite place!

Amy and Trever’s wedding day was special from start to finish. Amy’s sister made beautiful bridesmaids, Trever’s mother took the time to thank Amy for being a good parent to Trever’s children, and Trever and Amy’s sweet love for each other was clear throughout the ceremony and reception!

My favorite thing about photographing a wedding on a yacht was that the lighting seemed to be just right all day long! I think I can thank the all-over white of the backdrop.

While every venue requires some adjustment from the photographer, I take pride in capturing each person’s special day, and I’m happy to rise to the challenge! I wish Amy and Trever all the best in this new chapter as husband and wife.

Cheers, Alaina

Client Praise

-Jacqueline, may 2021

 "I walked away from my session wanting to put her in my pocket to boost my self esteem all day long because she just made me feel like the most beautiful person in the room.

"Working with Alaina was effortless"

-Brooke, July 2021

"The second I met her, I felt like I had known her forever, which made it a million times easier to just be ourselves in front of the camera.

"Her personality made it for me."

- Tracie, October 2021 bride

Alaina is spunky and fun and full of great ideas. She made my fiance and I feel so comfortable during our engagement session. We loved all the candid photos she caught of us

"She had us laughing the whole time"

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