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I'm a Dog Loving, Step Counting, Travel-Crazy Accountant With A Passion For Photography!

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Welcome welcome!!

What a weird time to be alive isn’t it? Six months earlier I probably could have provided you with clearer instructions on how to put on an airplane oxygen mask than a face mask. Like many others, I have amassed quite a collection of face masks-ranging from disposable to a bright pink cloth mask adorned in flowers. An even weirder time, I might add, to move across the country, begin a new job, and start a small business. Well shoot, I’ve done all three of those recently, now haven’t I?

Like many people, I struggle with holding myself accountable. We all vouch to drink more water, sleep 8 hours a night, read a book a week, etc. But somehow, the time escapes us. For me, although I enjoy it, that something that I never get around to is writing. So, with October 1st right around the corner, let’s make a pact to keep each other accountable! I will try to write more on this blog, my good friend Leah will keep devouring books(seriously go follow her new bookstagram @bookishblackwood), and YOU can join us in kick starting your new hobby or goal. Take that one thing you’ve always wanted to do, write it down, and let’s get to it right now!

But Alaina, starting over and making resolutions is for the new year! I guess we’ll all have to wait till January 2021! FALSE! It’s fricken 2020 y’all- if you haven’t heard rules don’t apply anymore. NOW is the time!

So, what do you say? Let me know all the cool things you are up to, and I will try to keep you updated on my new life and the photography biz!!

Client Praise

-Jacqueline, may 2021

 "I walked away from my session wanting to put her in my pocket to boost my self esteem all day long because she just made me feel like the most beautiful person in the room.

"Working with Alaina was effortless"

-Brooke, July 2021

"The second I met her, I felt like I had known her forever, which made it a million times easier to just be ourselves in front of the camera.

"Her personality made it for me."

- Tracie, October 2021 bride

Alaina is spunky and fun and full of great ideas. She made my fiance and I feel so comfortable during our engagement session. We loved all the candid photos she caught of us

"She had us laughing the whole time"

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